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Fostering At Christmas

Fostering a child at

Decking the Halls with Foster Kids

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a group of foster kids who were hyped up on sugar and holiday cheer.

Samantha, a seasoned foster parent, had decided to go all out this year and involved her foster kids to help decorate her home for the holidays. As they unpacked boxes of ornaments and tinsel, the kids eagerly chattered about their own unique holiday traditions.

One of the kids, a spunky little boy named Max, insisted that his family always placed their Christmas tree on the ceiling upside down. Samantha, unsure if he was serious, decided to humour him and let him try it out. To her surprise, the end result was quite impressive – a perfectly upside-down tree with all the trimmings.

Another kid, a shy girl named Lily, had never celebrated Christmas before and was initially hesitant to participate. But as she watched the other kids enthusiastically sing carols and hang stockings, she slowly began to open up and join in on the fun.

As they worked, Samantha couldn’t help but marvel at how each child brought their own unique energy and personality to the decorating process. There was the precocious little girl who insisted on placing all the ornaments on the tree herself, and the older boy who kept trying to sneak a bite of the gingerbread house they were building.

By the time they finished, Samantha’s house was a glittering winter wonderland, complete with a life-sized reindeer made out of candy canes. The kids collapsed on the couch, exhausted but happy, and Samantha couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to create these special memories with them.

As they sat in front of the fire, sipping on hot cocoa and listening to the sounds of Christmas carols, Samantha couldn’t help but think that this was what the holidays were all about. Not the presents, or the food, or even the decorations – but the joy of being together and creating something special with the people you love.

And as she looked around at the group of foster kids who had become like family to her, she couldn’t help but feel blessed. Because in the end, she knew that no matter how the holiday season unfolded, they would always have each other. And that, she thought, was the greatest gift of all.

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