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Fostering articles and blogs by our staff and carers

Below are a selection of some of the articles our carers and staff have written for our websites and our newsletters. There are some personal stories (we’ve changed identities for privacy reasons), and some advice from staff and carers for people thinking about fostering.

foster care training

Training For Foster Carers…It doesn’t stop at approval

Fostering Hearts is a community where every child’s story matters. Our dedicated foster carers navigate the ever-changing journey of foster care, guided by comprehensive training and a heart full of love. They transform lives, one child at a time, inspired by our belief in lifelong learning. Discover their inspiring stories and the role of continuing education in shaping these narratives.

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What Would Disqualify Me From Being A Foster Carer?

Fostering is a rewarding journey that requires careful evaluation of your personal circumstances. Some factors that could disqualify you from becoming a foster carer include specific criminal records, lack of space, health conditions, personal circumstances, and financial instability. However, many individuals with diverse backgrounds successfully become foster carers. To determine your eligibility, reach out to a reputable fostering agency and start a conversation about your suitability for fostering.

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