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Do I need to be married or in a relationship to foster?

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Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience – and you don’t have to be married or in a relationship to do it. In fact, single people often make excellent foster carers, as they are more available to devote their time and energy completely to the child in their care.

Before taking on a foster child, you will need to go through an assessment process. This includes having your home and lifestyle assessed by local authorities, as well as ascertaining that you have a secure support network for both yourself and the child.

For many children, being in the care of a single person can also provide them with much needed stability – free from the concern of changes in family dynamics that are so often present when new partners come into the picture.

Being a successful single foster parent has many potential rewards; not only will you help shape young lives by providing security, understanding and emotional support – but you could also form unforgettable bonds that last for life.

So why not consider becoming a fostering heart’s carer today? You could make a difference to somebody else’s life – all while creating countless rewards in your own!

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