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What are the ages of children that need foster care?

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In the United Kingdom, the age range of children that require foster care can vary by region. Generally, foster care is available for birth to 18-year-olds, and depending on their needs, different types of care will be provided to each child.

For those aged 0-4, the aim is usually to provide a safe and nurturing environment until they can be reunited with their birth family or adopted into a permanent home. This form of foster care is known as ‘short-term’ or ‘time-limited’.

Children aged 5-15 are commonly placed in foster care due to concerns over their welfare and development; this type of fostering is known as ‘long-term’ or ‘permanent’ fostering and provides them with a secure and supportive environment until they can either be reunited with their birth family or adopted into another home.

Those aged 16-18 often are in foster to help stabilise their final years of education.

Overall, whether it be for short or long term placements, UK fosters provide a safe, secure environment for children from birth to 18 – helping them reunite with their birth families or find alternative stable homes when needed.

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