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What are the responsibilities of foster carers?

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Being a foster carer is an incredibly important role that requires patience, understanding, and dedication to put the needs of a child first. Foster carers provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children who are unable to live with their birth parents. They offer emotional and physical support to help the child develop a sense of security and belonging, as well as guidance during difficult times.

They must be able to collaborate with other health professionals such as social workers while attending meetings or review sessions when needed. On top of this, they must also help guide the child through the transition period from their birth family to their new home, making sure that they feel welcomed and comfortable in it or to help them transition back to their birth family.

Taking on these responsibilities may require hard work at times but being a foster carer can also lead to great satisfaction from knowing you are making an impact in young people’s lives. Therefore, anyone wishing to become a foster carer should be aware of what is required from them before applying; however, those who have a passion for others will find themselves immensely rewarded after taking on this job!

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