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What is the role of a foster carer?

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Foster carers play an essential role in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children who are unable to live with their birth parents. These carers are responsible for providing emotional and physical support, helping the child to develop a sense of security and belonging, as well as offering guidance and support during difficult times. They sometimes, for instance in the case of a parent and child carer bridge the gap between the child and their birth family by offering advice and assistance to the family so that they better understand the needs of the child. Foster carers must also be able to work with health professionals, attend meetings, take part in reviews, and provide information when needed. Finally, foster carers help the child transition from their birth family to their new home, ensuring that they feel safe, secure and welcome in their new environment.

The job of being a foster carer can be incredibly rewarding yet highly challenging. It demands patience, understanding and an ability to work with both the child and their birth family effectively while always putting the needs of the child first.

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