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What type of training do I need to foster?

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Introduction: If you’re looking to become a foster carer, the first step is finding out what type of training you’ll need. The process for becoming a foster carer will vary from agency to agency, so we will just cover the process and requirements at Fostering Hearts.

Fostering Training Courses
Before being approved as a potential foster parent, you must complete an introductory fostering training course(Often this called the Skills To Foster). This type of course will cover topics such as the child protection system, basic child psychology, trauma, and the dynamics of family life. You’ll also learn about your rights and responsibilities as a foster parent, as well as how to handle challenging situations that may arise.

Our courses usually run over 2 days, but there is some homework as well. It’s important to note that once you’re approved as a foster parent, additional ongoing training is required in order to keep up with changes in legislation and best practices for raising children in care.

Skills Assessment
In addition to completing a fostering training course, prospective foster parents must also pass an assessment which tests their skills and knowledge related to parenting children who have experienced trauma or neglect. This assessment usually involves questions about how you would respond if certain scenarios were presented to you while caring for a child in your home. It’s important that all potential foster parents understand their own capabilities and limitations before taking on such an important role.

Conclusion: Becoming a successful foster carer requires dedication and commitment – both financially and emotionally – so it’s important that anyone considering this option takes the time to research their local requirements thoroughly before making any decisions. By doing so, they can ensure they have all the necessary skills and knowledge needed when it comes time to welcome a vulnerable child into their home. With the right preparation and support network behind them, anyone can become an excellent foster parent!

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